Since 1996, Proto-Power has provided drawings, renderings and animations to industry.

You won't find "cad operators" here.  The object is not to make drawings, but to get your ideas across to the machinist, welder, builder, shopwright, as clearly as possible; even breaking convention when it will help someone "see" the concept.  Adding an isometric view to an otherwise 2D drawing can be valuable.  Especially on a complicated piece.  Most work is started with a solid model, so after the detail drawing is drawn and dimensioned (in 2D) it's very easy to quickly add a 3D view to the drawing.  Even when you're requesting quotes, the shop will appreciate the iso views.

Renderings and animations are great tools to get your idea across - to the client, fabricator or to your associates in the conference room.  People don't have the time to decipher orthographic drawings, for concept.

We welcome your call to discuss your project.  If it's something we're not familiar with, we'll tell you.  Otherwise, we'd be proud to work with you.

Proto-Power, Inc. is incorporated in the State of New Hampshire.  It has no affiliation with any other company, incorporated in any other state, regardless of similarity of company name.
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